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The main airport in Stockholm is Arlanda.

To help people see where the different events take place, we have made a Google Map with points of interest marked out

Some information about tourism in Stockholm can be found at

Language, money and currency

Most swedes are comfortable speaking english.

Sweden uses the krona as currency. The krona is worth approximately one tenth of an euro. You can withdraw currency from any ATM in the city if you have a Visa or Mastercard. You can also change currency at the airport, central station or one of the Forex exchange stores in the city.

You can pay with Visa or Mastercard in most stores. Most stuff you buy will feel somewhat expensive.

As in any capital city, there are pick-pockets operating in most crowded central areas.

Pre-paid Mobile phones

At most supermarkets and kiosks, e.g. 7-eleven, you can buy pre-paid (“kontantkort” in swedish) mobile phone SIM cards. Often SIM cards costs 11 euro and can be topped up in intervals of 11 euro. An economical option costing around 20-30 euro is to buy a pre-paid card from the operator Telenor or the operator Comviq with 1-2 gigabytes of internet access usable during one month. Unfortunately no additional information in english:

You do not have to be a resident or show any special documents to buy a pre-paid SIM and use it for internet access. Often the staff att the kiosks are not too well informed of the available SIMs and options for pre-paid internet access, so some patience and time might be of use.

Computer stuff and electronics

At many places in the city you can find stores for buying computer stuff and electronics:


There is a 24h pharmacy close to central station, pharmacy CW Scheele.



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