Public transport and taxi

Public transport

In Stockholm, public transport mainly consist of subway, buses, several trains and a few trams.One popular option is to buy a time limited ticket that gives access to all public transport:

24 h ticket, 12 euro (115 kr)

72 h ticket, 24 euro (230 kr)

7 day ticket, 32 euro (300 kr)

30 day ticket, 83 euro (790 kr)

The tickets are loaded on an RFID-card, “SL Access”, that cost 2 euro (20 kr). You can buy cards in kiosks at many subway stations or in one of the five customer centers. The cards can be loaded with tickets at subway stations. The ticket machines accept Mastercard or Visa credit cards. A single ride ticket costs 4 euro when bought in a machine at a station. Buses do not accept cash. Opting on buying single ride tickets you need to read up on the complicated zone system and set the default zone choice for your RFID-card. The conference hotel, conference venues and central city are located within the zone A. More information is available at

Visual hints on how to get from the speaker hotel to the university on this google map page.


Taxi business is unregulated in Sweden. To avoid costly mistakes we recommend you use one of the three major taxi companies. Please note that sometimes some of the smaller taxi companies try to mimic the names or logotypes of the major companies, take extra care at airports. You can always negotiate a fare before a ride.




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