List of accepted talks

Currently, the list of accepted talks include these:

Brandon Mercer Why OpenBSD matters in the Healthcare Industry
Vadim Zhukov Raceless network configuration
Henning Brauer OpenBSD sucks
Tommi Pernilä & Arto Jonsson Attacking FreeBSD network protocols – Why, How and the Results
Ted Unangst Cryptography in OpenBSD: Another Overview
George Neville-Neil, Jim Thompson Measure Twice, Code Once
Kirk McKusick A Brief History of the BSD Fast Filesystem
Andrew Turner FreeBSD on Arm64
John-Mark Gurney FreeBSD TLS and crypto performance
Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse Portroach, OpenBSD distfile scanner
Marc Espie Faster and more secure packages in OpenBSD
Scott Long Multiqueue I/O in FreeBSD using LSI and NVME
Ingo Schwarze Mandoc talk
Stefan Sperling OpenBSD softraid boot
Mateusz Kocielski BSD-licensed SASL library
Ed Schouten CloudABI
Sevan Janiyan Synchronisation of userland source among BSDs
Jordan Hubbard Making FreeBSD more dynamic: A year of hacking on asynchronous, centralized interfaces
Masao Uebayashi config – Rethinking kernel build
François Tigeot State of the graphics stack in DragonFly
Baptiste Daroussin Poudrière: efficient package building
Arun Thomas RISC-V: Berkeley Hardware for Your Berkeley Software (Distribution)
Anders Magnusson A vacuum-tube computer (that runs BSD)
Taylor R. Campbell Tricky issues in file systems
Taylor R. Campbell Protobufs for kernel/user interface

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