Peter N. M. Hansteen

Peter N. M. Hansteen is a consultant, writer and sysadmin based in Bergen, Norway. He has been tinkering with computers since the mid 1980s, mainly while working to document how the systems work and why they don't, in English as well as his native Norwegian. Peter rediscovered Unixes about the time 386BSD appeared. After a few years on Linux, which included participation in the RFC1149 implementation (2001), he eventually migrated all important systems in his care to FreeBSD and OpenBSD. 

A long time freenix advocate, he is a member of the BLUG (Bergen (BSD and) Linux User Group) core group and a former vice president of NUUG (the Norwegian Unix User Group). During recent years a frequent lecturer and tutor with emphasis on OpenBSD and FreeBSD topics, author of several articles and The Book of PF (3rd edition No Starch Press 2014) and maintains his blogosphere presence at

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