Ingo Schwarze

Ingo Schwarze has been an OpenBSD user since 2001 and a developer since 2009.  He maintains the OpenBSD in-tree mandoc since making it the only documentation formatter in the base system in 2009/2010.
He also maintains the portable mandoc distribution since 2013 and the OpenBSD groff(1) port since 2010 and has contributed to various parts of the OpenBSD userland, for example the Perl rewrite of the
security(8) script, as well as smaller contributions to the rc.d(8) framework, the yp(8) subsystem, the C library, and various other programs.

Outside the free software world, he studied physics in Siegen/Germany and worked as a researcher in elementary particle physics at CERN and at the University of Karlsruhe (KIT), and as a Perl programmer for Sophos UTM.

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